Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darklit - Technicolor Observations

Chicago collective Them Flavors presents some truly tripped out beats from West-Coast dwelling duo Darklit. The album is inspired yet cohesive, definitely give it a listen or five. This release comes hot on the heels of Them Flavor's release of an EP by Jayko, a quality aural experience in its own right.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mala - Miracles (Commodo Remix)

Possibly the most celebrated dubplate of 2012, Commodo's masterful remix of Mala's dancefloor classic 'Miracles' is sinister, cunning, and confident. Paced gracefully, its gait is fluid and precise, fueled by a monstrous low-end and unrelenting percussion. Most importantly, it is now released.

Once a secret weapon for a chosen few artists, Commodo's almost mythical remix will now be found in vinyl crates the world over. It is a bizarre moment in dubplate culture to be sure; a bittersweet feeling for many. There is something truly magical for those fortunate enough to have heard it at a dance before its release-- the feeling that one is being let in on some incredible secret that only those in attendance will ever hear. It is not totally unfounded to claim that a full-run release on Mala's Deep Medi label will cheapen this unique experience. But then again, countless followers might have otherwise not had the experience at all.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Le Dom - Polygon

Attacking house with sample-heavy and experimental panache, Le Dom's 'Polygon' leaps and bounds with a fierce low end, swinging as much as it stutters. Various machine-like swoops and rises evoke the sounds of futuristic software, drawing a parallel between the track and the artwork provided. Though only two cuts can be found on Le Dom's SoundCloud, the production quality suggests this isn't his first rodeo-- not by a long shot.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Got All Night - Willie Beats

With his new track "We Got All Night", Chicago-based producer Willie Beats returns from a substantial hiatus in production and strikes out in a very new sonic direction. He departs from the chill vibes of his "What Time Is It?" Collection, which blend the sounds of Nujabes, Tycho, and DJ Sabzi with the boundless and childlike optimism of the cartoon from which it takes its name, Adventure Time. "We Got All Night" is darker and edgier, supporting a vaped-out soul sample and sassy 80's synths with tense 808 drums. Whether this represents just a dalliance or a sustained change in direction remains to be seen; we can only hope we don't have to wait six months to find out.


GREMS - Pinocchio

A smooth affair from the mind of Parisian rapper GREMS and production duo Tambour Battant, 'Pinocchio' exudes good taste. Though essentially a trap beat, Tambour keeps the tone restrained, employing a steady ride-cymbal to create an almost jazzy atmosphere.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Show Review: V.I.V.E.K., Joe Nice, DJ Tornado & Primary Residents

Photo Courtesy of Dan Horvath

Opportunities to experience well-curated dubstep of the deeper and darker variety are relatively few and far between in America; this is especially the case in the Midwest. This makes appearances by the likes of System Sound founder V.I.V.E.K. and "America's dubstep ambassador" Joe Nice truly memorable. As anticipated, both delivered outstanding sets this past Thursday at Chicago's Primary Nightclub.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - You Love Me

The duo of Hannah Wants and Chris Lorenzo have proved themselves a formidable pairing, known for relentlessly turning out crisp, bass-heavy house that takes no prisoners. 'You Love Me,' as with many Wants/Lorezno productions makes use of repeated vocal samples, energetic rhythms of the jacking variety, and dark synths reminiscent of deep dubstep. The track's half-step breakdowns give the entire composition room to breathe, allowing the sub-bass to come through nicely-- a frequency-range too often neglected in the genre of house as a whole.