Friday, June 29, 2012

Cluekid - Grim

Blending the sounds of old school jungle with the 140 bpm rhythms of dubstep is Cluekid, producer and purveyor of the Bullfrog Beats imprint. Clue's production work features smooth and prominent sub-bass in every track as well as steady but restrained beats, sometimes accompanied by atmospheric synths. The resulting sound is a throwback to early dubstep with heavy jungle influence, most easily heard in tracks such as Ninety Three, which as the name suggests, sounds like it could very well be a long lost track from the early nineties.

Absolutely not to be missed is 'Caan Eat Mi Out,' a remix that in my mind encapsulates everything dubstep should be, making use of heavy reggae vibes and an unstoppable rolling bass line.

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