Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kahn - Fierce

With all sincerity, I can say that every single one of Kahn's releases to date is gold. As the most prominent member of Bristol's forward-thinking Young Echo collective (recommended listening for sure), Kahn's work is typically experimental in some regard. His versatility as a producer is remarkable; from the old school, dark vibes of Way Mi Defend to the delicate, ethereal whispers of Altar VIP, the quality is consistent and impressive.

While Kahn's tracks can be quite cerebral, there is nothing pensive about 'Fierce'. This is the kind of track you get rowdy to. The pummeling bass line has a visceral, almost drunken swagger to it. Expertly, Kahn keeps the track no-frills to achieve maximum effect, relying on rhythm and bass to get the message across. Can't wait to see this guy on Friday.

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