Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pearson Sound - Quivver

Of the shows I've seen in Paris, I have to say Pearson Sound at Le Batofar absolutely took the cake. While I expected Hudmo to blow away the competition, he cut his own set short by half an hour and refused to play an encore despite the ecstatic crowd... Come on now, really?

Pearson Sound, on the other hand, absolutely smashed it while demonstrating a level of professionalism that all djs should aspire to. Although the crowd was relatively small, Pearson flawlessly mixed an inspired set which ran the gamut from funky house to grime. Flexing his knowledge of electronic music as well as his formidable dj chops, the co-founder of Hessle Audio kept the audience on their toes. His change-ups were unpredictable yet thrilling, often transitioning between disparate genres and moods while somehow keeping everything coherent.

Highlights of the night included 'Quivver', Pearson's newest offering, available on a NonPlus+ records compilation released late last month. Sampled breaks and off-kilter percussion typical of Pearson give way to a pounding sub-bass after the drop. So lovely.

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