Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hucci - Prism

If there is one sound that is symbolic of all that 17-year-old UK trap producer Hucci accomplishes in his new EP Rose Gold, out this week for free download, it is the siren sample from the fourth track, Prism. This trite, over-used sample, capable of prompting eye rolls and dismissive smirks from even the least snooty of electronic music fans, has been slowed down, filtered, and tastefully reverberated to create a memorable and haunting sound from trite and obnoxious starting material. This is precisely the alchemy that Hucci and other "deep trap" producers (Moonkay, Deadly Dollaz) have performed with the entire genre of trap and all its ugly, lazy tropes. Let's hope that they win out over the REVL TRVP $HIT troglodytes and their ilk. You can do your part by checking out this EP.

- Hieratic

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