Friday, September 27, 2013

Jam City - Club Constructions Vol. 6

An enigma with a knack for oblique, minimal and often experimental cuts, Night Slugs pillar Jam City is set to release a fresh batch of dance floor ammunition early this October. This EP marks the sixth installment of the 'Club Constructions' releases, a carefully curated series that arguably represents Night Slugs' most accessible offerings — the label's forward-thinking bent is at times challenging to the uninitiated. Accordingly, Jam City's "constructions" are uniformly dance-able, featuring his relentless kick-patterns, rhythmic samples, and flourishing, persistent synthwork (notably in the case of the EP's heavy-hitting closer, 'Garlands'). The end result is satisfying and far less abstract than his LP, 'Classical Curves,' although both are provocative in their own right.


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