Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unknown Artist - XPNL 001

This four track vinyl-only release takes no prisoners, cutting to the quick with a syncopated, gritty style that that pays homage to breakbeat, grime and dubstep. This EP constitutes the founding release of the Expect No Less label, an offshoot of the established Sound Pellegrino imprint. Orgasmic, the driving force behind Expect No Less, asserts his new venture aims to release "tools and secret weapons for demanding DJs". With versatile rhythms that could shake up almost any set released at a highly limited run of 200 copies, I can see how "secret weapon" would be an appropriate descriptor. Speaking of secrets, although the producer is billed as "Unknown Artist", the liner notes indicate that this mysterious figure is in fact fellow French producer Para One, better known for airy, synth filled cuts.


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